School Rules

    • General Rules:

    1. No student will be permitted to leave the school premises once he/she is present except under very exceptional circumstances, like sudden accident, death or illness etc.
    2. Students are expected to show due courtesy towards their superiors, fellow students, and administrative staff at all times, like greeting them properly, standing aside to get them pass.
    3. Students should refrain from the shouting, calling out to each other loudly, use of abusive language, running in the corridors. They should use the word ‘Thank you‘ and ‘Sorry‘ more often. Being a co-educational Institution, the boys should have a decent attitude towards the girls.
    4. Students should also greet the visitors to school and extend any help required by them.
    • Canteen:

    1. A student should observe proper decorum outside the canteen and make their purchase.
    2. Students are also forbidden to go to the canteen at any time other than the recess.
    3. Students will not behave aggressively with the canteen contactor or any of these employees.
    4. Students will not litter the area around the canteen or the grounds.
    • Library:

    1. Strict silence is to be maintained in the library.
    2. Books borrowed from the library should be taken proper care of and returned in time.
    3. Students will be responsible for the loss of or of any damage to any library book which he/she borrows and will have to pay for the same.
    • Miscellaneous:

    1. The following things are strictly forbidden: Tobacco, alcohol, firearms, drugs, expensive pieces of jewellery & mobile phones.
    2. Lending and borrowing of any kind amongst students is strictly forbidden
    3. The Perfects and the House Captains will be responsible for the maintenance of the school discipline to a large extent under the guidance of the teachers.
    4. Students are not to come to school on scooters, mopeds and motorbikes etc.

    1. Guardians of Students who are foreign nationals whether Day Scholars or Boarders will get their wards registered with FRO's Office under IPG, UT Chandigarh and intimate number of passport, Visa and Residential Permit (R.P.) to the school office within a week of their admission. They will also get year extension of residential permit of their wards as per Police Rules.
    2. During vacation, Boarding students to be collected from the Hostel by their parents after recess on the last working day, preceeding vacation and brought back on the morning of the opening day of the school after vacation. They must deposit the fees for the ensuing period of the morning of the opening day and show the receipt to the warden/matron so that the latter can accept the students on rejoining. Parents should make their programmes to visit school to collect/bring back wards strictly as stipulated above.
    3. On a working day once a student joins his/her class he/she will not be permitted to leave school before the school before the school gets over except in cases of emergency. Parents should come personally to take their wards with prior permission of the Principal. When parents are aware or have planned to take their wards to hospital/family function etc., the students should not be sent to school and leave application for full day should be sent. This will avoid rush of visitors to the school.
    4. Name of students remaining absent for more than six consecutive days without any information/permission will be liable to be struck off the school rolls. Minimum 75% attendance is required in all the classes.